Welcome to my blog.  Its my journey to getting a job in 2014.

Meanwhile ….surviving on the dole, battling with depression , a non supportive dysfunctional ‘family’ (narcissistic mother,psychopathic brother and an ex husband who wants me out on the streets), no money for rental elsewhere and riff raff in a shitty neighbourhood.




Being on the dole has meant that I’m usually down to one meal a day.

My career pattern (agency work) means feast and famine, and I tend to hoard food and try and keep a good store cupboard in.
Unlike A girl named Jack blog I’m putting the cost to buy from scratch, rather than cost per portion of a jar of jam for example. Food from Tesco/Asda, often purchased from the reduced to clear section.

Tonight’s meal was:;
a packet of tilda rice-lime &coriander (£1) with a can of tinned fish in tomato sauce (£1) mixed in it .
Finished second third of an apple crumble with devon custard (think initial cost of both c£5… or £1.67/portion)