Food – spend some to save some

The trouble is with a tight budget is that you may end up eating the same thing for three or four days in a row. I don’t mind,as it doesn’t break an established routine (I’m a bit OCD) and what I buy has taste (in both senses)!
However, This is also where a well stocked cupboard of pickles comes in, as well as a bit of imagination….

I’ve just finished four days of Pru Leith’s ASDA burgers – with ones herbs in them (£3.75), and a pack of four ciabatta rolls with cheese in (£1).
They were then bulked up with a hot side salad of button mushrooms (£1), cherry tomatoes (£1) and a mini pepper (£1 from ALDI) with an added dash of balsamic vinegar (the good stuff – reduced to clear).
Dessert was a mince-pie – one of six – given as an Xmas gift – reheated on the rack over the toaster.

the meal was accompanied with the world smallest violin, playing just for me..


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