Hi Ho….its off to work….(I wish)

Been a bit tardy over job applications this last week – as  well, to look squarely at the elephant in the room – there isn’t anything ‘suitable’  for me and 99% of those I do apply for are to get the DWP off my case. I do meet ,and exceed my 27 “job actions” per week set by the dole, so I can claim back, my contributions based JSA.

Hope against hope, I got a job interview this week at a bistro/cafe at a well known theatre in Liverpool. I’d be happy collecting glasses and washing up or doing commis chef work, as long as I got 30 hours a weeks work. Given the brigade of people who used to work there have come back, that speaks volumes about a place. I just hope I can get a chance of work! 

Been awful  last year, as only got a four months work at an agency. I didn’t like the job at all – reception work, totally out of my comfort zone, but I coped.         I tried reception work again – and after a panic attack called it a day, I couldn’t cope with the clientele of the place – lasted an hour before going home to bed to recover. Sleep I find is an effective balm for the troubled mind.

I often wonder at times which numb nuts desk my CV lands on. Clearly personal prejudice plays a large part on whether my CV is taken any further. All my grades of qualifications are frankly average, but I passed all my exams. I’ve got 20+ years work experience at varying degrees of crap or very crap jobs, based on employers seeing how easily I was intimidated I was. Given I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to, I’m sadly not given the chance, but when I am- I work like a terrier for them.

 i haven’t so far passed the online tests for the major supermarkets nor got a job refolding clothes in primark. I’m told often that ‘other candidates more closely match the criteria’ than I do, despite making a case on my applications that Rumpold of the Bailey would no doubt approve of.   Yet when I deal with organisations I am met with utter incompetence. It makes me weep that these people are earning a wage, whilst I have to put up with looks of pity with from said supermarket staff,  when I hang around the reduced to clear sections when I buy food.


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