Is my CV getting through? -The signal and the noise

Career Choices? It’s not what I want to do (be an archivist), but what jobs are actually out there that I can apply for…if like me you’re an introvert, suffering from depression, or have no support system in place its bloody hard out there.

I hate advice from the media like, if you’ve just lost your job apply for something temporary,as a stopgap. Actually it’s those stopgap jobs that the bun fights are all about…something like 700 applicants to work in a coffee shop wasn’t there?

I applied for an admin job yesterday. I modified my Cv and wrote a covering letter how I met the criteria. Being at a local language centre and me not doing French (got grade D at O level) since the early 80’s (no Channel Tunnel and fat chance of going abroad) didn’t seem to matter as my application was put forward by the local University Careers service by,as it happens, their top bod. SO, me thinks if I can come up with a good case for applying, what happened to the 200+ other applications that never saw the light of day?

The job itself pays £6:50/hr for monday to Friday 9-5 , hardly a dream graduate career with a pension and prospects, but just about covers my minimum credit card payments ( a girl’s gotta eat and feed her soul with books). Least it’s not shift work and reasonably easy to travel to.
I await for a call to interview..or not as the case may be.

Like most people I identify myself in terms of what I do for a living. So next time a job application form wants to know the wages in my last job think this..its not what I earned, it’s what my employers were prepared to pay for my services (and they’d get away with paying a darn site less if it wasn’t for the national minimum wage).
Turn the onus on them – you are worth more than NMW.

Despite 3+years of archiving experience (I have no way of funding a postgrad qualification), not a sniff at an interview via a Law jobs agency for a recent legal archives job. They phoned one day, a while back, as I’d applied so many times that they basically said ‘don’t call us,we’ll call you’ and as a parting shot we only take experienced people.
So why belittle what experience I do have then? I’m born to file/archive.
Staff in law firms aren’t the most well paid or valued. I was treated like poo working at the Courts Service, the bitch from hell manager only getting off my back the day I handed in my notice – and that was the best month I had working there – I just got on with my job, no hassle, no criticism or being reduced to a snivelling,snot gobbling wreck with the confidence of a may fly.

Been ‘invited’ to a jobs fair by the jobcentre. That’s about as subtle as a man-trap. If I can’t go no doubt I’ll be sanctioned. Don’t really know the area where the jobs fair is held, so all the hassle of sorting out my travel for my appointed slot.
Those of us in the know about Jobs Fairs, know it’s a day out for the marketing department. Thanks to mobile phones we know already there aren’t any jobs on their company website….
When my ex graduated in 1986 we went to a graduates fare in Manchester. One person sat down at the stall and they asked him/her what class of degree that they had. They were, like myself, the first in the family to go to University and they’d got a third. The person was then treated like they had bubonic plague and asked to step away from the marketing stand.

At a graduate job boot camp I attended, one of the guys gave his thoughts on job fairs…. “you spend ten minutes looking around, and twenty minutes quietly weeping outside”.


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