Had a good few hours at the local Wirral MIND group today 🙂
Events included a session in mindfulness – similar to Buddhism, but without any scripture readings.I learned to concentrate on my surrounds,my breathing,a small object of pleasure ( i chose a small bunch of sage) and giving positive thoughts to the environment.
I chomped away on good mood food: tomatoes,cheese,nuts,raisins,almonds; had some really nice veg curry (the rice was perfect) and veg soup -two helpings (cauliflower/broccoli/carrot) with crusty french bread.
Also met ‘the peg lady’ – she gave out random acts of kindness through the medium of pegs with affirmations on them. craftivism in action.

Went home and walked the mutt, and for the first time in ages didn’t feel like raiding the biscuit barrel.

The icing on the cake was getting an unexpected e-mail – a call to an induction and training session for a job as – well I’m not sure if I got the washing up post, the chef post or a baker post-Paul Hollywood has no need to worry.


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