consider your self at home…..

December I went to an employability course – clearly I’ve turned ‘bad’ since I last worked. They meet and greet and tell you what they can do for you, photocopying,blah,blah.
Is it just me, but when you do follow things up, you get a bit of a cold shoulder. Do they mean these things are am I taking things literally?
I needed CVs printing for this farce of a job fair tomorrow -I’ll eat my words if anything comes of it.
So, I email the guy as to having the CVs and enclose a copy of it – so he could print it off and I just pop in and collect it…
So, he says to phone before I turn up – which I do. TUrns out that they hadn’t got a PC with a USB port,so I couldn’t print it myself via my pre virus scanned pendrive and he rattles on about printing from ‘my e-mail’ – which I assume he means a Hotmail account, which he assumes I have. It’s no skin off of his nose to print the Cv off, the email I sent last night is one his screen…but he was in the middle of helping someone else (I could see that!).
Got the CVs done, them and my snazzy new hair cut (not been to a hairdresser since May last year) hopefully will help out tomorrow. I hope my dream out is out there….


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