A question of timing and a degree of discrimination

So… not got used to this word press thang yet. Here’s a post from January 23rd

Got an email around 10:30 PM last night asking me if I could go to an interview on Friday…. to possibly start on Monday.

Firstly, It’s an interview, not a guaranteed job and I can’t piss the job centre off by not turning up at my allotted time on Friday, as it so happened. My contributions based JSA in guaranteed, the job ain’t.   Signing on on Friday means that I don’t get any money until the following Wednesday, as I was told, with a hint of glee at the DWP, that’s what they do with new claimants now. I’d like to point out again that The money I get, is only that, that I’ve paid into the system whilst I was working.


 I lost track of time once at the jobcentre and turned up an hour too early for my appointment ( they get you in such a stressed state that you have to experience it yourself to believe it), they’d let me sign on, providing I signed a bit of paper saying that I’d signed on at the wrong time; two signings on at the wrong time would mean a sanction -Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas, so I went home, had a cry and came back an hour later. 

 I always proceed with caution when being asked out of my comfort zone, based on years of experience and gut instinct  (all that glisters is not gold as Bill Shakespeare said in Twelfth Night). After some research through the masses of emails I’ve sent out –  the job in question was based in Warrington (oh shit, don’t want to travel that far). Fine there is a train there, but couldn’t find for love nor money on the old WWW how close the company was to the said station. I haven’t the funds for a months worth of train fares – Plus the job was temporary – the catering job wasn’t -I don’t want to be in this situation again three months down the line and losing the chance of the catering post. I need to tread carefully.  I couldn’t start next week because of the induction at the catering company, it may turn out well… or I may want to bale whilst I still can, and I wasn’t going to cancel a doctor’s appointment that the doctor had made for a blood test.

After doing a good application for another apprenticeship, I was turned down. Too old, I queried? They did reply- that they didn’t accept people with degrees. Can’t actually find that on their website -So, i miss out on a chance of a £220/week apprenticeship in social media because I have a degree??! ….A bit of paper saying that this person can study to level 6. Like WTF! 





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