Eating crumpets – not my words

Back home having melted cheese on crumpets, that I had in the house, than buy anything at the cafe at the Jobs Fair venue.

Getting up and making an effort to go to a freezing cold, wind chilled New Brighton was not highlight of my day. Didn’t know the area and this was only the second time in 14 years I’d been there by train.

The jobs fair was a waste of time for me – a graduate in their late forties.

Handed in my invitation letter from the jobcentre, so I wouldn’t get sanctioned – the bastards.I suspect my DWP advisor has never been to one of these events. Her words ringing in my ears to dress smartly as you’ll be meeting potential employers – no love, you were meeting the marketing department, big difference.

We can automatically and safely rule out the armed forces, or the NEET training providers for the 18-24s, because of my age.
I don’t have a drugs/alcohol problems preventing me working – just an addiction to chocolate.
I can’t afford to do/fund courses at the Local College on £71/wk- having a degree automatically goes against any funding (the things they don’t tell you before University).
I’ve already got an opportunity with another contract catering company so that was another two stalls to ignore.
I’d no intention of moving abroad either.
The Computer Software company stall was empty – maybe they’d given up too?
Aberdeen council were there promoting their lovely city with its very low unemployment statistics. The trade-off was a single bedroom flat would set you back £700/month – totally rules me out moving or going for a job that pays less than the national average (in my dreams).

Whilst I was there I handed my Cv to Unilever for a production operative post (whooptie-doo) and left my mobile number with RBS for some processing type job in Wavertree (no idea about transport there)….. I’d had no previous success with Unilever who only recruit via any agency – canteen, IT apprentice, etc and I’d stopped signing up for RBS alerts after my horrible time at another bank.

Rather than stand outside and weep, I bought a cream cake from Morrisons on the Sea /River front and a cheap pot plant, then went home via a second-hand book shop.


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