Good job!

So, my fortnight/weekly erratic trip to the jobcentre and I was quizzed on how the Jobs fair had gone. Fine for someone half my age I said….and promptly had my view it was a waste of time verified …Yes she cooed, youth unemployment is a major problem – it was a major problem when I was a ‘yooth’ in 1984 too…I had Norman Tebbit’s dad getting on his bike to get a job – oh, the Tories were in power then – No change there! I was then ‘filled in’ on how good the fair was – for other people – not of my age or circumstances, may I add. (Did I go to a jobs fair in a parallel universe?) Clearly I was in the wrong and my opinion of little consequence. Oh how I love being bullied when I go to the jobcentre.

The job I’m going for next week was dismissed out of hand, assuming I’d ‘just’ be working in the evenings – which shows ignorance of the catering industry. Given I was supposed to be doing eight-hour shifts, they’re not to be dismissed so lightly.

I was then effectively forced to apply for a job that I wasn’t interested in as 1) only 21 hours/week as and when needed, so not enough hours for working tax credits and paid £645/month 2) no career progression-pushing bits of paper about /minutes/phone call 4) ‘dodgy’ area of Birkenhead – even dogs go around in pairs.
Thanks to Mr Iain Duncan Smith computer system, her computer had frozen and the job wasn’t forwarded to me, by the 2pm deadline to apply by. Still, knowing I’d be sanctioned if I didn’t apply, I had the rest of the morning ruined, waiting for said form.

Still waiting for a simple read receipt from the email application I sent yesterday for a trainee Dental Nurse job. What can you do with these so-called employers? If they can’t be arsed replying, it’s usually an indication as how you’d get treated as an employee – without any respect.


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