Stick your non job where the sun don’t shine

So… the T&C for the new chefs job turn up today.
They only gave me a ‘relief’ job – I didn’t apply for a relief commis chef job, I applied for,(and was under the impression it was), a full-time role, and I NEEDED a minimum of 30 hours per week.
To add insult to injury it was only ZERO HOUR CONTRACT.

You can, to a degree, put up with a civil servant ranting at you in a jobcentre, but an employer, that’s a whole different ball of wax.
My contributions based JSA guarantees £71/week coming in, and you know where you stand. Having NO HOURS,NO MONEY coming in, that’s not a job.

Bizarrely, it’s a first for me, the T&C had a whole paragraph about ‘bribery and corruption’. Like WTF are you dealing with here? Every other paragraph ‘the company’ reserves the right to change its mind -hours/pay-and there a one weeks notice. oh,the meal on duty promised after working after 5 hours – was also subject to availability. Hardly offsets the cost of travel to work.
Not much in the way of job security is there? So can you work when you feel you’re on eggshells? All I see is stress.
Basically the way the T&C are written, you wouldn’t work for them,if they were the last company on earth -you don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling off of them.
A bit of research shows they’re not great to work for – rate of 2 out of five from through the glass door website (only two reviews) – poor management and lack of communication – bit of a killer combination in any organisation.


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