Jobs progress January 2014

The DWP wants me to do 27 job actions per week.
I can exceed this sometimes daily, but very few alerts actually lead to something I can even send my CV off for as
1) Not in my field eg Avon sales,locum GP,PHP developer
2) Not got ‘the right’ experience – transferable skills don’t seem to cut it with some idiot employers.
3) Temporary – all hassle of signing on again in anything less than 12 weeks/3 months say potato, I say…
4) Too far away – not easy to get to some places for 8:00 without a car – the DWP expects you do commute up to an hour and a half. Clearly the person who deemed this never left the M25 corridor. Birkenhead to say Chorley,anyone?
5) There’s the cost of travel to consider by public transport-year on year up and up -its now £3 for one stop on the train from where I am. Vs. buying and running a car. The latter is just a pipe dream now.
6) Rate of pay. They’d pay <£6:31 if they could get away with it.A meagre glimmer of hope from WTC, if you get your hours, to top up your pay. Why should taxpayers supplement your wage at the end of the day- it's the employer not paying a living wage, you’re not a charity case!
7) Zero hours contract -If like me, single no kids I need 30 hours work. I’m not working for my housekeeping, I’m working to survive and maintain a standard of living that doesn’t affect my physical and mental health

I’ve had two rejections from ‘pseudo’-apprenticeships – based on my ageism and prejudice over a level 6 qualification, but they won’t admit it and fob you off with some comment like ‘can’t discuss each individual case’ bollocks.
Can’t find any other earn and learn schemes, as college is out of my reach now (no funding).

I’ve had eleven rejections saying I don’t meet the criteria,etc.
Given I wouldn’t have wasted my time applying for them, if I didn’t know and can prove I have the criteria (3 GCSEs),Its pretty insulting and hardly ‘feedback’.
No doubt you’ve all had the one where you’re not a ‘high calibre applicant’, which is just so insulting and patronising as it gets.

Oh there was the job interview for the NONE chef job – 30 hours plus and a stakeholders pension I had needed, BUT I was offered a relief position on zero hours and sweet FA about pension. (NB Still waiting for them to reply when I was mortified to read the job T&Cs).

The rest of my job applications have been completely ignored.
Only this week -I’ve sent out 36 applications mainly CV + covering letter between Monday 27th January to 2nd February.

Only when the Trussle Trust closes its last food bank, only then will people North of Watford Gap ‘feel’ any economic growth that those tossers in Government wibble on about.


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