My kind of town…..not

Saturday night and I was all settled in to watch the final two episodes of Swedish/ Danish drama the Bridge II….

The neighbours had other ideas and decided to take their ‘problems’ on to the street. Someone couldn’t keep it in their pants and had gone around to ‘sort things out in person’. I half expected Jeremy Kyle to pop out with a camera crew from behind a parked car… Screams, shrieks and pleading went on for a good fifteen minutes… God knows who they were, unable to view them from the fish eye in the door. No one called the police, so it was all front and no weapons drawn this time. It’s like watching animals in a zoo, only the animals don’t get pissed..”beer..helping ugly people have sex since 1840″.
My ex once told me there were busses advertising the city farm over the water, with the strapline “come and see the animals in Croxteth” 🙂

Sometimes you need a change of perspective on where you live…
A work colleague had been on holiday to Devon / Cornwall and on his return had to pop into town for some milk,etc. He said it was like seeing the living dead and proceeded to do his zombie impression. Just add sports gear and you could actually ‘be there’ in your mind’s eye.

I always like to point out I’m not from the town, I just live there.
World of difference.


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