Gimme WT Credit…

So… crawled out of bed with headache after being woken in the early hours by dog wanting to spend a penny. Managed to do my round of delivering leaflets by being motivated that I had a hot cup of coffee waiting for me when I got home.
Only interacted with three humans, which was tolerable.
One guy was frantically waving at me that he didn’t want a leaflet. His loss. Either he was a one horse party nut, not open to suggestions or had literacy problems, or I didn’t spot his tinfoil hat – the point was- why wasn’t he in gainful employment by 11AM?

Had a pleasant surprise that I had a job interview – for an apprenticeship! Like, I’d actually


the criteria – unlike the other two I’d applied for.
The woman from the college was trying to put me off – having a degree meant there was no funding. It transpired that there was no funding FOR THEM, the college, not muggins.

Bit of research and I can apply for a “24+ learners loan” to cover the cost of training at the college – I didn’t need the basic Maths/English, so saved money on those courses. If I was 18yo the course would cost £900, as I’m long in the tooth – cost to you, Madam c£1,600. cherching! Didn’t matter I had a loan for a degree either – and since I’m not earning, nor never earnt £21k, looks like I won’t be paying anything back either. I’ve seen so called ‘graduate’ jobs pay as little as £12k.

I enjoy banging my head on a wall / PC monitor as much as the next person, that’s what it’s like dealing with the working tax credit people. Fill out a form and don’t bother us for five weeks was a robotic mantra, no matter what I asked.
I needed to know if I could get WTC as the apprenticeship was 30+ hours.
Did I fill out the online calculator was the stock answer – yeah but that was for how much i earned 2012/13..not a question on eligibility. The amount of money I earned last year didn’t even register on their lowest tables of calculations. I may be entitled to £400, but that’s not going to cover me for an 18 month course,is it?
Muggins here was under the impression if you were on a crap wage (or going to be on a crap wage),and worked 30+ hours, then the HMRC,whoever topped it up to something you could at least pay your gas bill with.
SO, I’m left waiting for a form and no the wiser. said form would take months to process,and may not be backdated for all of it.

After finally getting back to the woman at college and her two-hour lunch break, transpired that the £131/wk apprenticeship didn’t apply to me and I was entitled to…fanfare… National Minimum Wage. She was going to make the employer aware that he’s have to pay this. Talk about raining on your parade!!!
Gee NMW,eh? That’s £208/wk, only £50 a week less than the best job I got since graduating..but at least it gives me back some modicum of dignity.

SO I’m set for a ten minute informal interview on Wednesday. Then, hopefully a later second interview. Better scrape my bus fare together.
***shakes loose change in plastic piggy bank**


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