It’s no where near the railway station

So… I get an email asking me for an interview for a dead-end admin job.
The site location is unknown/unfamiliar to me, which the person seems totally unaware of…it’s just meaningless jargon to me…and I’m also assuming its the Warrington site, as she didn’t bother to say/clarify this.. so I go on google maps….have I a choice?

I’ve been with a car for two years, next month.
I dread being on my own and vulnerable on public transport.

I can get a train to Warrington, but there are TWO railway stations in Warrington. Which one was best?
God knows to get from the/a station to out of the middle of no where, located by the side of a busy motorway.
I find the site, (turns out to be the right site), and by sheer coincidence the right sub/contractor too, some water company.
Its Twenty minutes from the station by road – that’s no good to me….may as well be on the moon.
No bus information provided -like who runs buses in Cheshire?
At least With Merseytravel it’s a little less complicated.
I’ll have to try an online travel planner.
No doubt the buses don’t run to get you to work for 9AM or earlier, or run just once a week if you are lucky.

The reply back from Dolly Dimple was “the train station wasn’t near the site”. This is SOOOOOOOO useful to know!
To be pedantic the site wasn’t near the Railway Station, as its been there longer.*smashes head on desk*.
Where do they get these people from?!!!

Dilemma – If I replied to her e-mail, I’d be the one with the ‘attitude problem’. Poor communication from other parties, leads to understandable exasperation on my part, so I end up being like Victor Meldrew. Is this fair??

I’m fairly tolerant of idiots on the other end of the phone, as I’ve been there too (due to lack of training on my employer’s part). But it seems everyone you deal with is a complete moron, and your are seriously left wondering how the hell they passed the job interview…. I assume that they also had a car to get to work.

Another email from dolly dimple,she had no local knowledge- she lived and worked in Liverpool,bully for her, so suggested I google the journey. Talk about granny sucking eggs…
After a couple of journey planners I concluded it wasn’t worth it, based on cost and time and stress levels. One way journey was an hour and a half,the train to Warrington was £12:80 (return). There was still the cost of a half hour return bus journey, in Cheshire on top of that. Given it’s out of the Merseytravel area, getting a travel pass would be a nightmare.
I haven’t got the train fare to attend the interview as it is, let alone fund a months travel when my JSA stops and I’m flying by the seat of my pants.
Facing another hour and a half home….no, its not worth it.
It’s not fair on the dog/cats. It’s not sustainable in the long run. It’s not as though I’m commuting to London for a decent standard of living and a career FCS. It’s just a temp post, processing work and permits for contractors, I’d have to work nearly three hours to cover my travel costs, so doesn’t rate very high on the job satisfaction scale, and back to square one again with a bump in say three months.


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