Job news w/e 7th Feb 2014

So..bit of a roller coaster as regards jobs again.

No response from the zero hour contract post – cowards.

Couldn’t afford to go to some site near Warrington for an interview and a journey a house of cards if the slightest thing went wrong – problems on Manchester train for example this week – miss the hourly bus and no one to rescue me. Cry for help! Even my friend was disgusted I’d applied to go as far as to Warrington – blame the dole and their hour and a half journey to work policy.

I’m waiting to hear about the apprentice post – find out the result on Monday. Better to have a low steady income than none at all I guess. AS far as I can tell, adults only get the NMW AFTER they’ve been in the apprenticeship for one year, not at the outset. Bit of a bummer working for £4/hr and still in dark about WTC.
By letter today I also got invited to an interview, again in dentistry but for a ‘cadet’ position – that lasts a year and pays only £2.68 hour. It’s hardly going to cover my gas/electricity bill. What do I do? The world and his wife will be looking for jobs all at the same time a year down the road. There’ll be a glut of people and no jobs to go to – archives was just the same.
I must admit feeling a slight twinge of embarrassment about my age, Re the apprenticeships, but it seems the only way to change career and break the vicious no experience -no job cycle, Hell I’m in my forties and it still bites me in my arse!

Out of the blue I got contacted via an unknown person via Linked-In. I’m still highly suspicious, being interviewed for a ‘good’ job just doesn’t happen to people like me. I still haven’t got all the details, but no one has asked for any upfront payment or my bank account details – yet. Having a telephone interview lined up next week, but can’t see the job advertised on the company’s website. And its a good,(but maybe not in an ethical sense), well-known company which makes things worse. Maybe its one of those ‘hidden jobs’ your hear about, maybe its a hoax. Watch this space.


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