Job Scam…why me?

So…Someone wanted to connect with me over a job via LinkedIn, fair enough, and asked if I was interested in a role that they were managing for ‘a client’ – a confusingly title of ‘Logistics Administrator’ – which meant setting up and pulling down equipment in rooms for seminars. I duly got the job details -I could do the job, did similar about 10 years ago-so I sent them my CV.
I was to have a telephone interview this Monday, with a woman who worked for a very large, well-known pharmaceutical company.

I did get a voicemail from the recruitment people – via a landline. He was fairly nonplussed when I returned the call.
Nor did he want me to make a mountain out of a molehill over having no car- they don’t care how you get there, as long as you’re not late. Hmmm. I was expected to move stuff off site -The job spec mentioned being able to carry a 40lb weight standing or =18kg, 3kg more than the max allowed by H&S at the Archive Service…My poor back. He didn’t want to ‘know’ me, which as a potential cash cow for him, again struck me as ‘odd’.

The job details were unprofessional -‘scruffy’ – typed in the body of the message , not say as a pdf with full contact details and logos.
My spidey senses were tingling.

NOBODY, upon nobody offers ME

    a 40 hour a week job with a salary of £25k at a famous pharmaceutical company in Speke.
    If it’s too good to be true, it usually is…

    I did a little research.
    Said job wasn’t advertised on their website – of which I’d registered on, last November.
    The HQ of the pharmaceutical company had no one there of that lady’s name. I was passed to the Speke centre – again, none of that name on site, but I was helpfully put through to their official recruitment partnership. They got back to me and as far as they were concerned there were no vacancies, they’d filled the last one. So I gave her details of what had happened and signed off saying I know its a scam if they ask for my bank account details.

    I did a little sniffing around online on the recruitment bloke.
    All recommendations were about 3 years old on LinkedIn. There were four others linked to the company, all on LinkedIn, I looked into the abyss and one of them looked back at me.
    The actual website was nothing special.

    Three Thirty Four came…got a call on my mobile -WTF!!
    The battery was flat and not much credit on it. (I only use it for SOS, not social chat).
    No call came on my land line, which I would have expected for a ‘proper’ bona fide interview.
    I collected the voice mail message, no damn way was I phoning the USA for an interview. I’m struggling paying for cat food.

    I traced the call to Indianapolis. They also said they were from a well now photocopying company too – not the pharm place – but both are mentioned on her LinkedIn profile,of which I couldn’t contact her by, as we didn’t ‘know’ each other, nor was my account cranked up a notch ie by parting with cash.

    She didn’t give the country code either, just an area code,a friend informed me, who had family in the USA. On my behalf she left a message on the woman’s answer phone….. She didn’t call me back.


1 thought on “Job Scam…why me?

  1. NEXT day The recruiter wanted to know how the interview went. Clearly he wasn’t in contact with his client then…. it was a non starter.
    I pointed out that the call via mobile was unorthodox, nor did she answer her voice mail… and it just so happens Eli Lilly didn’t have any current vacancies, and closed with a firm goodbye.

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