BITTER off Renting……


I don’t have much of a support network. I wish however I had a better one. 

I’ve a friend who has been dripping constant poison in my ear about how I’d be better renting than in my current hanging on my my fingernails to the house of which is mortgage free but under orders to be sold to keep my fat slug of an ex-husband in a modicum of clover. I’ve been under so much pressure of being potentially made homeless, its made me ill.  I  desperately need a permanent  job to pay the SOB off, despite clearing the mortgage once, I’ll be paying twice for the same house.

I can’t move, to sell even if I wanted. I have no money to hire a van, I don’t have the money for a deposit or a month down and a month in advance. I don’t have a job, but I do have two old cats and a jack russell. So, I don’t know exactly how I am going to rent anywhere in the private sector. Landlords don’t like pets,without my cat/dog I’d have nothing to live for…they’d argue they’d cause damage to their loud wallpaper – but they’d like me even less if they pissed me off and I decided to redecorate their property with a junior hack saw. I don’t smoke, so I won’t be setting their precious place alight neither. I’ve never defaulted on rent in my life. They only want my sodding money, I’m a means to an ends for them.

I’d go mental if I had to share with anyone or didn’t have my own front door.

I don’t have kids, an alcohol or drugs problem to get into social housing, nor do I want to be near people who have, nor live in a high crime area. I don’t want to live with my door bolted, curtains drawn,scared of my neighbors and crying myself to sleep because someone’s music is blasting through the walls – already been there,seen that,done that and got the mental scars.

I’ve had years upon years of seeing half my wage disappear in the back pocket of some land lord for accommodation I wouldn’t keep a pig in.

I was kicked out of my last rental by the landlord due to she wanted a family there, not four separate people in their 20’s/30s. I was in a position to buy my first home in 1997 – the chimney stack was dangerous, the roof needed replacing,drains shot – I was praying for a grant to do it up. All I had was a futon to sleep on, an upturned beer crate in the living room to sit on and my beloved cat Mo. It was home. I used to sleep in a coat as it was so cold- It was too cold to even take a shower – a gravity fed shower via the emersion – I used to cry with the cold and frustration. I had a full time permanent job and was forced to live like this.

I still have nightmares of my last landlady, the way I was made to feel an inch tall every single month when I paid my rent.

So this friend thinks I’m better off renting, because of the cost of all the repairs- that the landlord would obviously sort out by me snapping my fingers. It’s not been my experience. I even had one retainer admit he’s been sniffing my knickers when I was out at work. So she rattles off how you were better off renting, all the help and all benefits you could claim, how she’d been homeless – yes but, she had dependents, I haven’t- nor am I a drama queen.  Clearly jealousy is behind all of this, given the humungous text I got after I suggested she watched Channel 4’s tomorrow – better off renting? (a report on the baby boomers kids being forced to rent).
She made it a personal attack on my situation, which spoke volumes. God I need new friends!!                                           She’s not all there anyway, peddling a belief system that your mind/beliefs/ affects your DNA.   A pile of steaming dog-doos.         I’m sure Watson and Crick would have something to say about that! Thinking to alter your beliefs to alter your DNA nor was it covered on the in depth MOOC I’d just completed on forensic science – with a very large, in-depth section on DNA – or criminals would be getting away with murder.                                                      

She knows a lot of person stuff about me and my family, so it’ll be difficult to say goodbye and worry she’ll use the stuff I told her in confidence, given she markets herself as ‘a healer’.  She can be rather a dangerous person. The healing she does has < 1% success rate ,that's less than the placebo effect. Cherry picked anecdotes and testimonials isn't empirical evidence to cure cancer. Can you believe people phone up to get healed over the phone and actually PAY for it!!

You may as well pay for a premium rate call to ask a psychic yorkshire terrier if you’d win the lottery on Saturday.

Puts scam jobs into context….just give me your national Insurance number and bank account details first for details a £25k job that’d be just perfect for you…



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