Job Seeking….for ‘these people’…

So…it’s hit and miss applying for jobs.

Maybe it’s luck? Right time, right place, certainly was true in my last role, but landed in a shit storm of office politics betwixt the coven of witches upstairs and the bitch on the front desk I had to work with.

I’ve a target to meet, set by the JSA, either that or forced to come in each week. I can put enough pressure on myself applying for jobs without anyone else riding my back. Job Search takes up most of the day, usually from 11 Am to about 6Pm, searching from the wheat from the chaff and recording my searches.

Being unemployed it’s NOT my default mode. I worked two jobs successfully for quite a while – one full-time, the other evenings and weekends. I’ve not had a full-time permanent job since I moved to the Wirral 14 years ago….If I’d had stayed where I was I’d have been made redundant and as a consequence lost my cottage and not gained a degree along the way.

So, what can I do to get work? I’ve got my JSA universal job match mandatory searches, searches I’ve set up myself with places like Cv-library, I’m registered with a few agencies and have a jobs folder full of links I work through weekly to all the major local employers, plus specialist job searches in the archives and museums sector.

I’ve no retail experience,nor have got a job through touting my CV door to door or working through the yellow pages. I’d also can say, never in my twenty odd years of working, walked into another, squishing the BS that it’s easier to get a job, when you’re in a work.

I’ve got an interview with a bank. They wanted evidence of all my employment over the last two years. That’s P60s I had to find, P45 from each job, wage slips from each. Not as easy as it sounds.
Of the 24 months, I had five different jobs but only employed for a total of 13 months. I was ill for two months after anxiety got the better of me having taken the first and unsuitable job, I was offered, the of the time I was on JSA. Thank goodness but it’s just luck, I didn’t throw out any paperwork, being depressed I just shoved everything in one drawer. I don’t even particularly want the job, but no one else is hiring and I need


Last Wednesday I applied for 15 jobs. Of those two were acknowledged and two were rejected over two days. As for the other eleven, who knows? It’s a typical day in the life of a job seeker in 2014.

I don’t apply for jobs I can’t do, so it really pisses me off to get a condescending rejection letters to the tone of other candidates more closely matched the person specification or the you’re not a high calibre applicant. All of them say you can’t be a member of our gang.
It’s like being back of school and not being picked for a hockey team in PE. I may not have been popular, but I always scored. But that never seemed to matter, or was conveniently forgotten by the week after.

As time goes by your confidence level hits rocks bottom.So, What do you do? can reduce you to tears. You feel you can’t even tie your own shoes. Staying motivated is a constant problem.

1) There’s volunteering, but you can now only do that at a registered charity. I’ve made two attempts to volunteer, but for one reason or another it didn’t work out.
2) I’ve started free online courses through the Open University. They keep me sane, but still interfere a bit with my job search.
3) Visiting the local MIND group had helped -courses and open days
– I don’t have many friends, nor can afford to go out with them. When I say out, it’s cafe’s,shops, museums,free arts events, going to the next city on the train ‘out’ – not ‘going out’- getting mindlessly drunk with complete strangers.
4) Downloading free snippets of books for my kindle /kindle on my PC also helps
5) Joining PINTEREST had helped stimulate my creative side, but I’m too depressed to actually do anything practical, nor have I the funds to get the materials to make stuff anyway. But at least it’s there.


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