Competency based questions

So….I’ve been prepping for my interview.
Bit of background on the company – pity I didn’t research the bank I use so thoroughly. If I get the job it’s mandatory to bank with them. How’s that for choice? There isn’t a branch near me for one thing.
Also an ‘advantage’ of working at said bank is that you’re a sitting duck for their products. I personally can’t see how that’s an ‘advantage’ to work for them, I don’t want to purchase anymore financial products and feel vexxed that it’s bigged up like that. The rates on my web saver suck; the Insurance on the credit card is a bleeding nightmare to jump through hoops, when I only took out the insurance to stop me stressing in the first place and no, the small print wasn’t pointed out in 1997.

So now I’ve a competency based interview to face and a task, whilst someone scrutinises all the paperwork for where I was for the last two years. That opened a few cans of worms, crap agency jobs and the not very nice people whom I’d rather forget.

I decided to use some post cards to write out my competency based experiences on, and some bumpf about the employer – my mind tends to go blank half way when recalling stuff like this anyway. If you don’t get the job, why waste precious time and brain cells remembering this?

Competency based questions, the favourite of the civil service, aka STAR are
a) Situation -what were the circumstances/place it happened
b) Task – what YOU did (that’s YOU, not the team,pretend you were that winner)
c) Action -How you did it (problem solving)
d) Result – what was the outcome (make you look good)

The important thing is to remember to spice these up with
phases such as
1) (improved) efficeincy / Increase of something (sales)
2) Resolution
3) Empathy, Rapport, Listening
4) Customer Satisfaction

SO my S-T-A-R answers covered topics like
1) Using IT
2) Team working
3) Good customer service
4) Going out of way to help
5) Resolving conflict
6) Communication – precise written
7) Communication – public speaking
8) Achieving a (personal) goal

I’ve also noted the questions to ask
1~ dress code (what are the other sheep wearing) – pray for a uniform so you don’t have to think about a wardrobe and bitchy women (and save my identy for out of 9-5 world).
2~ start date / what next (how long until I start earning, which is the point of being there)
3~ training (avoiding the actual job, giving me time to wait for outstanding job applications to fizzle out)
wasn’t sure to ask about job security as they were laying people off in 2010 – but if they’re going to flog me a personal loan at new best mates rates….

So to squeeze into my suit, put my paperwork into a smart bag and organise my transport….and keep my IBS under control.


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