Adrenalin Junkie

So.. just had my first proper interview in a while.( I’ll ignore the trainee dental nurse saga).

Thankfully I went for the earlier train. £3:50  poorer and nervous as hell, I sat on the Manchester Airport train. Luckily my stop was the first one. You couldn’t half see the difference with MerseyRail and Northern Rail, for a start no on-board digital station displays for the nervous passenger/ tourist. The station was in the middle of no where when I got there. Hardly the most sophisticated of areas either, guising as a ‘technology park’, Chester knocked Wavertree in to a cocked hat. Then I had the problem of do I turn left or do I turn right. across a platform bridge. Left didn’t initially look promising.  I asked the nice man in the ticket booth as I had the name of a road from my saved interview letter on my crackberry. As per most industrial parks, the signage was extremely poor, so I collared two nice blokes at what I think was a software company. In all it took me fifteen minutes to get there, if I’d have got the later train I’d be having kittens by now. ALso there was no parking – chocka, so in one way I was grateful of not having that added stress.

I felt sorry for who ever was going through my what I did in the last two years evidence. Every P45, P60,JSA claim, wage slip. passport, water bill, deed poll and birth certificate.

The Interview was a mix of competency based questions and scenario questions and then checking some calculations. Why I was surprised I had a maths problem  I had no idea, as it was at a bank !!

SO I’m left like a cat on a hot tin roof for the result of my £12k job,  for a week, waiting for a start date late April.

I felt like I was in a heap on the floor after. A quick detour from Lime street to Tescos, despite a full bladder, to get a Crispy Kreem donut was my reward to myself to make me feel better about myself when I got home.


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