Job Agency Registration

So.. the last time I was at this agency was last August, a month before my last contract finished.That’s an hour and a half of my life I won’t be getting back. So I was back again, to re-register with this bright bubbly young thing.
I never got any work from the agency, despite applying to them via internet on more than one occasion. They never even sent me the online test I had to do, despite me following this up. Now it turns out that they’d lost my file and I was forced to re- register – not what you’d expect from a blue chip company,eh? Fills you with confidence,not.
I had to once again go over the last two years of my employment – or lack of there of. I’d been through this with the bank interview on monday. I’d rather be putting distance between these jobs, if it’s all the same to everyone – five shitty job,only eleven months of work.It’s the economy,stupid.

Why is this a reflection on me? Is this all I’m capable of attracting? My ‘ previous experience’ running round in the same, ever decreasing circles, because no one trains anyone up anymore in something else or is too f***ing thick to see your potential.

I did get the online test sent to me with the ominous title of ‘PROVE-IT’. Despite getting the ECDL in 2005, I’ve not run macros nor done any mail merging since. I found the program clunky. As for the typing -I’m not a typist – copy typing for me is a nightmare- but I put that down to my astigmatism. I didn’t even type out the first two paragraphs in the five minutes (the typing screen was Soooo tiny!). No idea how I scored in the test. Hardly a real world experience.

Oh, As for the Medical Record Clerk job I was hoping to apply for..that went to another candidate before I even got there…. what a bummer.


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