Jobs fair #2

So..heard about this jobs and homes event at Liverpool Town Hall, so tied this in with a visit to a job agency, to save on train fare.
A friend was aware of said event, didn’t bother to tell me about it. Thanks for that. Knowledge is power….
It was surprising good, despite her not letting cat out of bag.

The stalls were a lot more engaging than some previous event I’d attended. So much for Liverpool being a brand or reaching out around the region, If you were from Wirral, not exactly welcome – but that was due to funding.

There is, to me bizarrely, a ‘mental block’ with some people from Liverpool about being from ‘over the water’ or ‘from the darkside’ ie on the Wirral. I had an interview in a cafe at Blackburne House, but the chef was more concerned as to how I’d get to work! I was stood in front of her, I wasn’t scotch mist. Half an hour from door to door by train and walking. It didn’t ‘register’ with her that the train ran under the Mersey. What was I going to do, zorb across the river?? Never saw my basic hygiene certificate after that day, either. Weirdos. But this is what I’m up against.

It was nice talking to people, bit of a contrast from talking to myself or having a one sided conversation with the dog. I picked up information- tips on Cv writing, a list of job websites, some places to sent a speculative CV to, I guess. Got this brilliant book mark and a 6″ ruler, which as it turns out to be invaluable.

I enquired about potential housing, in case the worse came to the worse.
My two up two down may be cold, but facing moving to a one bedroom flat in Anfield without my dog? No, I’d rather hang myself from my banisters.


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