The ‘Unemployed’ to be criminalised in April 2014

I was really upset after going to the jobcentre today. I’m only signing on for money I’ve already paid in over the years, I’ve worked 13 months out of the last 24, but it’s licence to treat me like something they scrape off my shoe and label me “long-term unemployed”.
As of next month I’ll have to sign on daily or be forced to work “in the community” for 30 hours with a 10 hour supervised job search. Ironically it’s precisely small-minded employers from my ‘community’ and their ‘assumptions’ about me that are preventing me getting me a job!
Community, what community? Where are my like-minded fellows in this shit hole, Birkenhead?
Maybe I should write the word graduate on my fluorescent jacket in black marker so as I’ll be distinguishable as some falling foul of the law on “community service”. My only ‘crime’ is to be unemployed, it’s not as though I can’t or won’t work, no one will give me a chance. I’m free-falling into debt as I’m ‘overqualified’ and its assumed soon as I get a job, I’ll be off…where I’d like to know, as I’ve been treading water for six months now.

Having a ‘supervised job search’ would mean using the mandatory Universal Job Match. Channel 4 News pointed out, 1 in 50 jobs were fake and 30% decidedly ‘dodgy’ or repeats – I tweeted last month about a shelf stacking job that appeared TEN times on the same page of the UJM.

Any way, I was starving and went on to ASDA, as I could have killed from some nice fresh crusty bread. Turns out I’d forgotten my purse, so I discovered when I got to the till. I was hell bent on not losing the pack of stewing lamb and veg to make a pan of scouse to last for a week. So I had to walk home again and back, my legs/ankles killing me, but managed to get my goods back – thanks to the customer service staff. Must admit I had tears welling in my eyes on my way home, out of embarrassment and frustration.


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