Two fingers from the Bank Insurance Policy Company

The Halifax, left me high and dry, the insurance policy I took out wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. So having been buggered about for the best part of a month, a holding letter was sent (acknowledging the recorded delivered letter); despite me now knowing, via the the contact centre they’d turned me down. I had the ‘wrong type of job’. They were very sorry and all that….

So I’ve put into place everything I can for the worse case scenario.                                                          I’m sailing too close to the wind to get  a job to get me out of this mess.

The next step in a collections letter, red letters and threats. I’ve talk to the debt people at Halifax , but they can’t sort out a lower rate terms and payment plan until it gets to the point of no return.

I’ve also started a claim for mis-sold PPI.  Things changed. The banks don’t get this.

Since I took out of the card in 1997, I’ve paid off two mortgages, got married and divorced, gained a degree and buried both my grandparents and been in a car accident.



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