I’d like to thank….

So… I’m in shock. Got a call and it was about my interview at the bank…I had a sick feeling in my stomach…my world was about to implode…he was in a sit -down- we- need- to- talk- about -your- interview type voice.

I waited for the words – I’m sorry but………, but they never came

I got offered the job.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’d passed my credit checks before they imploded next month as I run out of funds. My last employers didn’t do the dirty on me.
I’m at the very bottom of the career ladder at 48, but I’ve got a job. Six months of hell emotional, financial, social….

I’d got a full-time job!!!

The pay isn’t great, I’m at the bottom rung again, but I got a job.

I’d like to thank my dog and cats for standing by me. Being there for me, not judging me, being a reason to get out of bed, or out of the house.

To my fair weather friends – you can do one.

To my narcissistic mother, who now thinks she got the job for me, and immediately had something negative and intangible to say about it, aren’t they moving to England if Scotland gets independence…you’re as comforting as a cup of cold sick and you’ll never change.

To my brother, on benefits with a glass backbone, sorry you’ll never have the feeling of achieving something without using and abusing, someone else for it.

To my friends who never called to see how I was…despite the Time to Talk, mental health campaign adverts on TV.. I know how little I mean to you, now.

To the person who didn’t want to know about ‘unemployment’ and thought by being associated with me, you’d catch unemployment too, like a plague, I hope someone bursts your bubble and you get your P45, sooner than you are expecting, it’s in the post with your job funding ending next year.

To all the employers and agencies to whom I sent my CV to, who made assumptions about me, who put me on the reject pile because of my postcode, age, perceived lack of experience (when I’ve got the transferable skills) or having a six-year-old second class degree…go f@ck yourselves.


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