Not out of the woods yet….

So…a rather sombre, reflective mood today as I get a reprieve from unemployment. I must admit I was feeling suicidal yesterday.

Dog was still surprised/dazed to be picked up,patted, hugged,french kissed and treated to slices his favourite ham!

The job hasn’t begun, potentially it starts in very late April, may be later..they don’t know. Blind leading the blind. Even so, no money coming in until the end of May.

I thanked all the people who had given me references over the years, not one replied. Little response on Twitter either to my good news. I mean you’d think they’d be pleased I wasn’t moaning about being unemployed !

It’s madness but I’ve still got to keep applying for jobs..or I get sanctioned by the DWP.

I cancelled the job interview tomorrow as I hadn’t got the bus fare – two different bus companies, impossible by train and bus as no linking service.
Train and bike- too dangerous to cycle (haven’t been on a bike for 15yrs) and seeing the film ‘one day’ didn’t help.
One bus would be £4 (day ticket) and this other infrequent service or a ‘bit of’ a walk -say half an hour. Can’t use a ‘zone ticket’ as I’m on the move before 9:30AM. It was only fair to cancel,and as the lady said, it was pointless hedging my bets on a temporary role. Least my interview nerves disappeared as the pressure was off. Also not getting up and squeezing into my now very tired interview gear tomorrow put a smile on my fizzog.

I was supposed to have a telephone interview today. Out of desperation, and you have to be to apply for these jobs, I applied for a temp post as an in-store demonstrator. Some very perky woman phoned my mobile (probably had perky breasts too) wanting to interview me. When I did contact her it was a different story – she was too busy interviewing and was quite cross (forgot my crystal ball and hope her botox held up to the annoyance on her silly face) and she’d call me at 2PM. She didn’t. Stupid me hung around waiting for a call, with the dog doing back flips wanting to go for walkies. Stupid bimbo. So glad I didn’t NEED the job. But that’s what I’m up against.

Still got my medical problem(s) – need another blood test apparently.My hands feel as they are swollen up again and itchy with the odd pins and needles sensation – not to mention my back freezing up in morning and legs playing football with dog under covers. Feels like typing with a bunch of bananas. The inflammation level was higher than before, but ‘not to worry about it’ and get another test in a month I was told. Based on what? What comparison scales did they use, what exactly was the blood test for- as fibromyalgia is supposedly non specific. Least I can type with my index fingers in my new job, if required and things get worse.

I need some new clothes too for the office – well specifically two pairs of black trousers that don’t make me look like my stomach is in resting an egg cup, that are above the waist, with a belt and preferably cotton. It’s not even a customer facing role, so I suppose it’s psychology, but I’ve done my best work in jeans and a tee-shirt include passing telephone interviews.

I need travel money to work – reckon that’s £70/month.Streuth.
Soon as I’m off the dole I’m free-falling financially, but thanks to IDS, people on UC will be in same boat having to wait for monthly benefits (if they don’t cock-up the admin)
Oh, I’ll need money for sandwiches (home-made) and coffee as there are no shops nearby or on site canteen and an eight-hour day to survive.

I hope there are some decent people at the new job. One website was saying you had to be a phylum below a monkey not to get a job with this company.

Sadly I also seem to be a bully magnet and end up in cycles of negative/ self-destructive behaviour, jeopardising my job, no matter how I want to keep my head down.

I hope they have a union.


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