Releasing the pressure….

So…Life goes on. I’m not changing my financial situation until May, unless I win the lottery or some employer sees the error of their ways and trains me up or sees my potential.

My National Insurance based JSA runs out, so a letter informed me. What it didn’t tell me, and I had to phone a call centre in Telford to find out, is that I have to re-apply for JSA – income based. I need some form that would take a week to get there are go to the local JC to collect ‘form JSA3’. I still need money coming in until I fly by the seat of my pants in late April.

When the hell did the benefits system go all so wrong?

I still need to go on applying for jobs or I’ll be in breach of my JSA agreement.
The jobs on offer look so hollow now.
Jobs, what jobs? Why did I bother applying for half of them? 97% never even get back to me.
If I see that scanning assistant job one more time, I’ll scream.

‘Perky tits’ from the marketing company phoned yesterday – only 24 hours and 20 minutes after she said she would, but I’d blocked her number on my mobile, so she was forced to e-mail. I replied to the e-mail and still, she didn’t get back to me. Guess I wasn’t destined to demonstrate easter eggs in a supermarket near you for two weekends. In my experience, the only people who are keen to contact me, want money out of me (barking up wrong tree).I assumed there was a catch with the job, such as self-employed or commission only.

Someone phoned me last night,gone 8PM, but pronounced my surname so badly, I told them that they’d go the wrong number.

The recruitment agency I’d wasted time re-registering phoned today. How was I doing?..(like she cared)…had I got a job?… clearly she hadn’t contacted the NHS for any jobs for me ( that’s what she’s paid to do), and that meant the two jobs currently on the web they were recruiting for, clearly had been filled or didn’t exist. The mobile signal went down towards the end of the call, so I never got to know if I passed the online tests, but she was keen to take me off their books anyway – if I was ever on them. Also, Why can’t theses people use land lines, nice clear signal, answering service provided, when I insist that’s the means I want to be contacted by? Two fingers to you making any money out of me now, luv!


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