Our day out…for the cash strapped

So… I fancy a day out somewhere. I can’t afford to go on holiday and its not fair on the cat/dog -a dog friendly B&B for one night away would be perfect. It’ll take months to put money by.

I’d been promising myself a visit to the quilt museum up in York.


I haven’t got a car, or confidence to hire one; I was mortified to find a train would cost £40-50 (day return).
Not sure about coaches, the coach station is a pig to get to, more designed for friend in car, to drop you off at.

Anyway a local coach firm does day trips for £15:90 return.
When I used to go by car, we’d feed £15 into a meter just in parking fees alone!
I’d been with the firm before and had a delightful day out in Stratford Upon Avon, of which most of the time was spent on a sightseeing bus,as had to idea where sites to visit where.
Anyway that’s marked off another of my places to visit list.

When things get better, another place I’d like to go back to is Llandudno., or if they’re still running, another taxidermy class in London ( at st Barts).


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