Reduced to clear…

So.. I didn’t catch what the guy said, but his girl friend in a loud voice told him, that “you didn’t know what problems they had…”
Huh! Some ‘alpha male’ with a clingy bird. who won’t stoop to buy reduced to clear stuff and sneering at those who were having a rummage for their teas. One did question why he (or her) wasn’t in gainful employment at 11AM on a Friday Morning.

I’ve got a problem it’s with judgmental people.
Judgemental people kept me out of job for the last six months.

I doubt, since I left Uni in 1986 that I’ve never not looked in the reduced to clear section. I love a bargain.

Why should I pay £3:38 for some fancy spinach and pumpkin tartlets when I can get them for £2:03 – when I may not even like them or buy them again? That’s two meals with a side salad/ potato wedges anyway if I do. (Pop ’em in the freezer). Least the dog got a large pack of Scottish beef mince for tea for the next few days from the reduced to clear, so don’t knock it.

So far ASDA has worked out to be the more affordable supermarket in troubled times.
Tesco is okay, but not exactly giving anything away in the reduced to clear aisle.
I don’t like Lidl – very scruffy shop – and it’s too far away to consider sans car.
I went once to the new Morrisons in New Brighton, but hellish expensive compared with ASDA. Bakery was nice.
I do like Aldi, but Liverpool store is ironically the closest (and £3 train fare). Some things they don’t sell such as vimto cordial, and the fruit and veg is hit and miss quality wise.
The Only Sainsbury’s I use is at Central Station for the odd emergency milk/ crisps if coming home from working in Liverpool – a bit pricey and I prefer Tesco’s to Sainsbury’s.
Waitrose – none in the area – Chester or Formby – totally impractical and OTT prices.


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