I’m too accommodating..

So.. I get this email from Reed.

There was a temporary two week job going, paying the princely sum of £7.00/hr.
I need the money to support me through the first month of my new job.
I’m not entirely sure where abouts in this town the role is at – that awkwardly accessible industrial estate/ or UniLever (please!!please!!) and I’d have to cancel my blood test and have the hassle of signing on/off the dole and miss the charming company of my personal advisor – blurrrr!

Dutifully I replied to her e-mail with CV attached as requested (the dumbed down one without mention of the art degree)…and bigged up my MS-Office skills, not sure how advanced they needed to be (I’ve never used pivot tables outside doing the ECDL).

Four hours later….. not a follow up…not a peep.

Looks like I had my hopes raised and dashed-again.. or some other bastard more closely matched the employers criteria – my least favourite phrase of being unemployed.


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