race to the bottom..knowing your place

So.. still being forced to apply for jobs whilst I wait for some overpaid project manager to set up the site so I can start my new role on a pay scale that bounces around the personal tax allowance.

I put in an application at M&S Simply food at Lime street Station, as I’ll be passing through, why not hope for a few extra hours. YOu weren’t even directly employed by M&S which surprised me some what.

On line application was very straightforward, not happy about the email link- to confirm your account set up- I had to click on that set off alarms from my anti virus software, so I deleted that pronto.
Next thing was an online test of ranking ‘behaviours’. Basically as long as you remember to not leave the till and disturb the precious manager in their office, then you’ll pass, as I did.

Despite passing the test, I was informed that other people matched the criteria more strongly than I did.
What a F@cking slap in the face!
What is this? A race to the bottom to earn National Minimum Wage (£6:31/hr)?
Just how stupid do to you have to be to unload sandwiches into a fridge?


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