Reflection on past interviews…

So…some employers should come with a health warning.

As for Some of my ex-employers, I wouldn’t give them a reference for the way I’ve been treated – I was fired for asking for a wage slip by one such schuzzball. It was probably illegal what he did, but who was going to fight my corner? oh, the last wage cheque I got bounced and I had to take him to a tribunal – breach of contract.

One interview-I forget where – I was sat their innocent as a lamb and I had some hysterical woman screaming at me that I’d leave as soon as I got the job and go somewhere better…. I’m thinking thanks for the heads up that your company is so cr*p luv, but wondered if I was a ‘perceived threat’ to her (I mean I’m not even a blue chip/ straight A person, my highest grade was a B in O level Biology), or she was just ‘unstable’.

Another surreal experience at another place in Liverpool, I think they had something to do with NVQ accreditation, I was firmly shown by some woman that she was in charge and let me in on the in-joke of how she micro managed her boss. I didn’t feel comfortable living out somebody elses psychosis and thankfully never heard from them.

Eleven years down the line I’m still wondering who I’m supposed to have known at one company, a firm that produced software for housing associations. I was basically told I was a liar, some woman (no name given) claimed to ‘KNOW ME’. There’s ‘knowing someone’ or just recognising someone in another context. I was the only girl on my HNC Computing course in 2001/3, so I did stick out. I only engaged with the guys in my project group and was on good terms with everyone, but especially Colin and Simon.I never knew anyone in the year above, nor the year below. So who this mystery woman was still leaves me wondering why I was such a threat to her and also why her idiot employers would believe her over me -I hope they’ve gone bust. There was some fruit loop the lecturer once mentioned, who blamed HIM for her poor grades, maybe it was her and she was frightened I’d show her up?

Rudest Interview was at an umbrella social enterprise that produced a directory of charities. The ignorant man started yawning whilst I was answering his colleagues questions. The joke is some employers want people with ‘soft skills’ and I end up the wrong end of that jerk.

Rude and Surreal Interview at the HSE in Bootle and the socially inept ‘Dave’ and his bad cop female colleague – what a pair. I was sat shivering downstairs (literally my teeth were chattering) when some male pattern bald bloke MUMBLED?grunted something at me. A translation was-and I can only guess -“Hello, I’m Dave, could you follow me,please”.Least if he had any social skills it should have been. The rest of the interview was in a pokey room with this aggressive woman and Dave showing his sweaty armpits at me. I was totally disgusted by the way I was treated by this pair, not sure if I complained, but of course I was in the wrong for doing so,and their employers defended them. Speaks volumes doesn’t it? Would you want to work there?

It’s heart breaking applying for jobs, but when you get an interview and you experience the above, it shatters your confidence.


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