Waiting for the worms…

So… pleasantly surprised last visit to jobcentre went ok – that’s the last visit, not my very last visit unfortunately.
Maybe because my advisor was in a mellow mood the dreaded workfare wasn’t mentioned, just keep on applying for jobs and reassure her that I did have a job to go to – nothing on paper.
Then she mentioned an admin job at the police and the closing date was that day..so guess what I spent time doing that afternoon. It was a ‘real’ job, and to be fair to the poor sods in HR – they were swamped with applications. So hanging fire on that one. Certainly wouldn’t mind the job as I love filing.
Still no word on the bank job – this getting stupid, the longer I wait the more debt I get into. Haven’t perfected living on fresh air yet.

Still no word on my fibromyalgia. My blood had some active inflammation factor. The normal reading is 20, mine is progressing upwards from 32 to now 38. Doctor would only be worried if it was 50. So to nip the problem in the bud (sound of cash register) she wanted a chat and stop the blood tests. My symptoms haven’t gone away, I wish they would, so I’m being referred to a rheumatologist at a centre that at least I don’t have to get a bus/taxi to get to run by Virgin. Takes me chance I guess, wasn’t impressed with their counselling service – some prat knew less about Freud than I did and assumed I’d be sexually interfered with as a root cause of depression/ anxiety – nothing could be further than the truth – what a wanker. I got more from Ruby Wax’s book on mindfulness than that idiot.Putting that episode in a box with a heavy weight *splash!*

Still living in fear from my ex-husband contacting me again over selling the house, not that prospective buyers even share my taste in decor or enjoy a apple pie greeting a la Derren Brown (psychology/ misdirection). Haven’t seen that ugly sod of a deadbeat husband in the flesh for nearly three years and I blame him for not getting last last job after upsetting me prior to an interview. All adds to the pressure I don’t need.

Got word about my PPI at last – looks like I’m the only person who wasn’t mis sold it. Which is odd as I can’t claim on it- as it didn’t change with my change in circumstances – currently looking at the stars from the gutter.

Job hunting isn’t great either – applied for seven jobs since last week.
I got a job rejection that had a bit of a twist on it – sort of a backhanded compliment.

“We have received your resume and will review it as soon as possible.
If we have a position open matching your skills and experience, we will contact you shortly to discuss the opportunity. Otherwise we will enter your information into our database for any future opportunities”.

Anyway, just biding my time until the next disaster.


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