What have you been doing since September…

So that was the question a recruiter asked, being amazed that I had been unemployed and qualified that with – some people don’t want to work….Well I ain’t one of them.

Off to another registration process, another hour of my life I won’t get back, all for some receptionists job where they clearly are after eye candy and a CV unblemished with unemployment.

I really enjoy sending out those CVs with tailored covered letters day after day, week after week and month after month, all so I can sit on my arse at home, to life off, in theory less than £20.00 a week. [sarcasm]
That’s £20 for food for me (& dog and two cats), cleaning products, medicines, bus /train fares to make up numbers on an interview short list,and any other sundries eg twice yearly hair cut, a newspaper, a book from a charity shop, a coffee in cafe to use their free wifi,etc.

Put it this way after eight months, it wasn’t happening. Fresh fruit & veg, fresh milk and bread – all bought on credit card, paid for by eeking out my compensation for being in an RTA to cover the minimum payment. Sadly time just ran out on me.

Some chirppy recruiter named after a character on Neighbours just doesn’t get about being unemployed.
I mean in theory I should be in the ‘burbs, very happily married to a middle manager, both perfectly photogenic children would have graduated from OXbridge with double firstd and I’d be pottering about my garden and flower arranging down the WI. Sadly, life ain’t like that.

So, losing the job at RBS, when I did, came as a bit of a body blow. Still waiting for an alternative job or at least an apology before hell freezes over.

I can, in hindsight, understand why a now publicly funded bank, the Royal BAnk of Scotland, wouldn’t want it to be know that they were shipping 300+ staff to London from Merseyside for an all expenses paid training jolly at the Taxpayers expense, rather than get A trainer to come up to Liverpool and train the staff on site.

Oddly enough London wasn’t again mentioned on their last recruitment drive. I wrote to the guy doing recruitment in confidence – not even a read receipt to my email.
Clearly I’m mentally ill and no worth their time responding to. Some little person who didn’t make the grade and could at the drop of a hat spend 7 weeks in the Capital.

I’d have to of course borrow my train fare (£70+) due to the shame of being unemployed, otherwise I couldn’t be a member of their club/gang. Given the need to belong was a fundamental driver in human society I’d have to conform to their wishes or face being cast into the wilderness of the unemployable.
Given the added debts of kennels/ inoculations and cattery fees, and lack of suitable work clothes, evening meals, forced to socialise – I just had to say enough was enough.
I’d no idea what a 24/7 contract was, let alone the rate per hour if they were paying £12,500 salary without a pension. Was all the hassle worth it?
All they had to be was upfront and honest. They weren’t.
Yet they expected this of me. Trust is a two way street.


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