Fingers crossed

So.. hell hasn’t frozen over and not heard anything from Royal Bank of Scotland. They certainly won’t be getting either my business or recommendations.
The woman from the doctor’s practise never did ‘let everyone know’, and I must conclude that her silence means that I didn’t get a second interview. Employers are concerned about communication skills from their employee, yet they don’t seem to have any themselves. If you get this badly treated, if you don’t get the job, I can imagine how bad that they are if you are unlucky to work for them!
Oh the agency I saw two weeks ago.. now not my new best friends- and I feel a nuisance phoning them for a start date for a minimum wage factory job or not that a brilliant transport route. I phoned them on Tuesday… they won’t know for another TWO WEEKS. Like WTF are you supposed to do without a wage for yet another two weeks.

Every employer I’ve come across in the last nine months have let me down.

As I slowly drown in depression and debt, I wonder what is wrong with people, that schlock horror I WANT TO WORK and being denied a basic human right!!

I went for another job interview this morning. The journey there was really good.
The interview, went well, until I was shot down in flames (we don’t talk about wages at interview) for asking what the hourly rate was, when asked was there any questions. Even if it’s minimum wage, I wanted to sure it wasn’t an apprentice rate at £2:68/hr Vs £6:31. I think I managed to recover from this faux pas. Only time will tell. Then again, he shouldn’t have asked me at interview about my family – you just don’t do that, so lack of training on his part?
Again I was assured that they’d let me know… but that remains to be seen.
I had a lot going for me as in I was flexible and could easily get to the two training locations, my skills and enthusiasm hopefully came across.

As a reward I chilled out in a coffee bar within a bookshop, before getting the bus back.
If I got the job I promised that I’d get my lunch there. THe coffee was sooo smooooooth 🙂

Ironically it was the same bus I used to get in my previous job and I was as jumpy as a flea on a cat on that journey. I passed the stop I used to get off and thankfully I didn’t have any negative reactions. Progress.


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