Drowning , not waving….

So.. I didn’t get the job at the photo processors in Heswall. I did get a reply to my email asking for feedback, sent a week later. If i hadn’t have sent it, would I still be sat in limbo still now? Would i want to work for a company that did that?  Apparently I gave a good interview,it was nice meeting me,but I  didn’t get the job…… On the bright side no stressing about using a till (I’m all fingers and thumbs handling money) and I won’t have to put up with rude customers in the Birkenhead branch whilst training. I can only suppose it went to someone under the age of 21, as they’re about £40/week cheaper to employ. Don’t think I would have felt comfortable photographing some scally’s  babies anyway, and the photos would have reflected this, which isn’t fair on the paying customer. My ex-husband couldn’t take a photo of me for toffee, so clearly you need some emotional contact with your subject to take a good mug shot. I’ll stick to architecture and the cat / dog.

On the day I got a rejection, Friday 13th – I’m not reading anything into this – I also sold my guitar. It was a fine piece of wood with a lovely sound, alas, alack, despite lessons the instrument never came naturally to me and I admit defeat and I’ll never be Hank Marvin. The guitar sat in its case for the last 14 years, so time it found a new home. I got £60 for it (cost £139 in 1997). and a tenner for the electronic tuner (cost £20). I’d never been in a cash converter / cash generator place – the police looking over the stuff in the back of the shop made me feel even more ‘uncomfortable’, despite still having the original receipt. SO this is what you’re forced to do when yet another job rejection hits your inbox (letters are as rare as hens teeth).

When i got home I looked around as to what else I could sell, not that I have anything worth stealing. There’s the flute my late grandfather bought, my wedding ring (which I paid for myself),a unicycle, a spinning wheel and then start on the furniture…I mean You’ll never get back what you paid for them and everything has a story behind it, but sentiment won’t pay your credit card, used to pay your food bills over the last 2/3 years, waiting for a job lasting longer than three months.

I saw a money adviser at the jobcentre yesterday. My problem is the credit card with the PPI I can’t claim on. Anyway, glad of someone to talk to, I just explained what was happening in my world. Bottomline was that I was sign posted to a charity and the CAB. Didn’t really expect much else, but I need an ally to fight my corner to reduce the credit card interest/ payments until I’m back on my own two feet, the banks owed me that much.

Anyway the packing job came to nothing. The agency phoned my mobile yesterday, but failed to leave a message. I called them to find that there were no day shifts (8-3), only evening 5PM-1AM – the problem is a  single,  lone woman doesn’t want to be on her own at 1AM in Birkenhead North on an Industrial estate. I may as well have a sign on my back saying ‘VICTIM’. No trains, no bus, no car and only NMW to afford a taxi back for a four day a week job  and my personal safety, even the agency said it was best to leave it. I was cross to see the said day shift jobs advertised today on the Universal Job Match website. Maybe they’d run the advert before running out of the jobs – but they did had the option of withdrawing it. I don’t want to go down the it must be me / blame game route.

I reapplied for a job at one of the Universities, same role but part time hours. Didn’t get an interview last time.

I also applied again to the Housing Association for a temp admin role, hopefully on  the way to the interview (If I get one) I won’t get hijacked by a nasty letter from my ex demanding I sell the house for bobbin’s to a builder. He did send another nasty letter last week, I wasn’t up, to receive it from the postie, so it can sit unsigned for at the sorting office and he can stew in his nasty juice.




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