Another Agency, another wasted effort.

So, I applied for a job a week Friday. The agency were interested in my CV, which I had re-vamped. However they wanted to see me. So I traipsed down at my own expense to make a 10:30 appointment. Nearly half an hour on the train and a very, hot sweaty 20 minutes walk, I arrived with 5 mins to spare. The role was as a receptionist at a local hospital for TWO WEEKS. For 36 hours and £8:01 per they could paint me purple and call me Al. However I was then expected to go to said Hospital either Thursday or Friday. Given its nearly 5Pm on Thursday, I somehow think I won’t be getting that bus to an interview in the next 24 hours.

A bird in the hand as they say. Good job therefore I accepted a place on a three week training course in Health and Social Care, starting this coming Monday. Off to the dole tomorrow for a travel pass, having had some passport type photos taken -I’m not photogenic and as usual my hair was all over the place, and skin red,shiney and blotchy, peering from under my fringe through my glasses. Who cares what I look like at the end of the day? Apart from someone who wants a ‘dolly bird’ on reception.

So I have to go on this course for a full three weeks…or else. You can’t fail the course – No exams, just assessments and the promise of a job interview.
I was very, very unsure of my fellows on the open days –really bad body odour from one blokes – though this other guy with no social skills whatsoever started spraying himself with some deodorant in class. To fit in with ‘the ladies’ I have to take up smoking and get myself a tattoo or two. I’ve got a fucking degree, so why am I here?

The guy running the course was a nurse and former residential care manager and still worked as a nurse in a brain injury unit. He was the most down to earth bloke you could wish to meet. He’d been there and got the tee-shirt with depression and had been unemployed in the 1980s. So I could relate to him-totally. At the end of the day care wasn’t just taking people to the loo, I could you this course as a springboard for occupational health. Earn and Learn for three years will do me, if possible. Helping people with their shopping /Cooking, or with horticulture certainly appeals to me. There’s no funding of a Masters in Art Therapy either. Six months experience under my belt and maybe other doors will start opening? Anything is better than a call centre, not that I can get a job doing that..and why would I if there was other choices?


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